30 September, 2005

questions questions too many questions ...vol.2

57. Do you own a gun?
No, and I hope I never have a need to.

58. Rehab? Counselling?

Never been in rehab. Saw a shrink a few times, but didn't get much out of it, so I stopped.

59. Have you ever killed an animal?

If you count bugs and mosquitoes and stuff, then hundreds. Unfortunately, I've also run over a dog with my car once.

60. What's your favourite Christmas song?

"O Holy Night" is good, but there's another stunning one that I think is just called "The Bell Song".

61. What is your favorite smell?

Clean skin.

62. Do you do pushups?


63. Have you ever done ecstasy?


64. Have you ever been shot?

Yikes, no!

65. Have you ever been hospitalized?

I've been in hospital once, but only for a few hours; it wan't an emergency situation.

66. Do you like painkillers?

Umm... if I'm in pain, they're handy.

67. Do you love the pain a tattoo brings?

I've never been tattooed.

68. Name Five Drinks You Regularly Drink.

Pineapple juice, water, tea, wine, bourbon.

69. What's Under Your Bed?

A box of old video tapes that I never watch anymore and a big spare roll of carpet.

70. Current Hair?

Dark brown, badly in need of a cut.

71. Current Worry?

How the fuck am I ever going to pay off my credit card?

72. Favorite Place To Be?

In bed.

73. Least Favorite Place To Be?


74. If You Could Play an Instrument?

I can play the piano and the guitar a little. But if I could choose another, it'd probably be the cello.

75. Where do you want to live?


76. Number of pillows you sleep with?

There are 5 on my bed, but only two are under my head; the rest get pushed to the other side.

77. What do you wear when you go to sleep?

Sometimes boxers, sometimes nothing.

78. What do you think you'll be in 10 years?

35 years old. (holy shit!)

79. Are you paranoid?

Who told you that?! Who's been talking about me?!

80. First piercing/tattoo?

None at this point in time.

81. Last person you yelled at?

Hmm. I very rarely yell at people, so I honestly can't remember. If email counts, I e-yelled at Mr Ryan.

82. Last thing you ate?

I'm ashamed to say, it was McDonalds (Ms Cait's choice... it was her birthday, after all).

83. Do you have an iPod?

Alas, no.

84. When and why did you last vomit?

I can't remember, but it was probably because I was too drunk.

85. What's in your pockets right now?

Wallet, keys & mobile phone.

86. Last thing that made you laugh?

Seeing an old family-friend's photo on the front page of a dodgy dating website.

87. Innie or an outie?

I'm far too chubby to have an outie.

88. If you were a crayon what color would you be?

Royal purple.

89. Have u ever won any awards?


90. If you could pick one person to make out with who would it be?

Elijah Wood. mmmmm

91. What is your car?

White, 1992 Subaru Liberty named Oli.

92. What is your education?

Bachelor's Degree.

93. What is your favourite holiday?

I'm a big fan of Christmas.

94. Have you ever used someone?

Not that I can think of. I hope not.

95. Been used?Yes.

Oh my goodness, yes.

96. Do you colour your hair?

Not anymore. There was a peroxide blond period when I was at Uni, but we don't speak of it.

97. Do you own a webcam?


98. Habla espanol?


99. Quack?


100. Have you ever stolen anything?

Not that I can remember.

101. Have you ever skinny-dipped?

A few times, but only when I was absolutely sure no-one else was around.

102. Would you vote for a woman candidate for president?

Absolutely, if she was the best candidate.

103. Would you marry for money?

I don't think so.

104 . Have you had braces?

No. But I've had to wear dental plates through two different periods of my childhood.

105. Do you pluck your eyebrows?

Nope. Not even my vague unibrow.

106. Do you like hairy backs?

Totally furry is a bit wrong, but a bit of hair is ok.

107. Could you live without a computer?

I'd survive, but it'd be annoying.

108. If you could live in any past, where would it be?

Ancient Egypt. As long as I got to be Pharoah and not one of the poor bastards hauling stone blocks.

109. What is the last movie you saw?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

110. Do you dream in colour or black and white?


111. Do you have any dimples?

I have a cleft chin, which isn't really a dimple, but some people call it that.

112. Do you remember being born?

Of course not. Frankly I don't believe people who claim they do.

113. Did you like or do you like high school//college?

My first High School was a terrible place. My second highschool was great, as was Uni.

114. What is the best accent?

Oh there are so many good ones! Anything from the British Isles is a favourite.

115. Do you want to live to be 100?

Only if I'm healthy and self-sufficient.

116. Are you loyal to your friends?

Fiercely. At least, I do my best to be.

117. Are you tolerant of other peoples beliefs?

I try.

118. When you watch movies at home, do you like the lights on or off?

Off. I hate when there's light reflecting on the screen.

119. Do you think you can draw well?

Not if my life depended on it.

120. At what age did you find out that Santa Claus wasn't real?

I think i was about 7, but I pretended to believe for quite a few years longer.

121. How many pairs of shoes do you have?

Only about 3.

122. Do you write poetry?

I write songs and lyrics, but not poetry as such.

123. Snore?

Apparently I do.

124. Do you sleep more on your back, front, or sides?

I think I'm a bit all over the place.

125. When was the last time you looked at porn?

Not too long ago.

126. Do you talk to yourself?


127. How old were you when you first smoked a cigarette?

Seventeen or eighteen.

128. How old were you when you got drunk for the first time?


129. How old were you when you smoked pot for the first time?

Nineteen or twenty.

130. How old were you when you first made out with someone?


131. How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Well it's a grey area with we queers. First sexual contact was at nineteen. Didn't do "everything" until 25. (despite a certain CUNT calling that into question). I was a late bloomer, and proud of it (no matter what that hurtful child who used to share my life, may choose to claim).


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