26 September, 2005

manlymunkey and the electrobirthday

Greetings, lovers and dreamers. And how are things? I've been okay, thanks for asking. What have I been up to? Well let me think....

Last week, my sister Ms Cait was spending her days riding horses, and her nights at a friend's place. Thus, her absence was taken advantage of and I went to patermunkey's house to spend the night getting drunk and watching Peter Sellers in The Party. Great, very funny movie with minimal dialogue and almost no plot to speak of. Definitely inspired by Jacques Tati and, in turn, inspiring things like Mr Bean.

On Friday it was off to the home of Snazzles and Moodles for our regular West Wing fling. This time, there was the extra delight of Fraggles. Yes, Lady Lili has received from the good people at amazon.com the entire first series of Fraggle Rock. Hurrah!

Mindlessmunkey headed to his family home again for the weekend. There was more sharing of alcoholic beverages as the two Men™ of the house settled down to watch the Grand Final. Yes yes, I know it's a big stretch to call myself a man, by any standards. But I gave it a red hot go, drinking 500mL cans of VB and cheering for the Swannies. Despite captain Barry "Evolutionary Throwback" Hall's behaviour last week, I felt they were more deserving of my support than the Weagles. And it was a damn good match too... nice and close, down to the wire.

On Sunday we celebrated the Birthday Of ElectroBoy. 22 years old, who would believe it? So the family (those who aren't off in the UK) all trundled off to the local Bistro / Pub place and had lunch. Cousin Prudence was there, nearly full term; probably the last time I'll see her before she gives birth. How exciting (and slightly scary)! ElectroBoy was very happy with his present from patermunkey (a flatscreen TV, who wouldn't be?!) and seemed to like the CD and DVD I got him too. Joyeux anniversaire, mon frère.

In retail therpay news, I also used some of my hard-earned dough on the weekend to purchase the new Sigur Rós album, Takk.... It's GREAT. It's a beautiful balance between the theatrical melodrama of Ágætis Byrjun, and the subdued serenity of ( ). I also grabbed a little Candian indie gem that I've been searching for for ages. Try walking into a mainstream music store and asking if they have In The Aeroplane Over The Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel. The look on the face of the fifteen year old sales-assistant will be quite remarkable. Anywhoo I finally tracked down a copy, and it was well worth the effort. Just the right mix of mellow-melancholy and rough-around-the-edges rowdiness.

Anyway, friends... be excellent to each other, and I'll be back with more nonsense before you can say "fagnaðarerindið við sömdum saman".




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