27 September, 2005

more miscellaneous madness

Here is some more miscellaneous junk from the good ol' net...


Thanks to
Lady Lilikens for sending me this paticular oddity:

Does anyone have any idea what this sign is trying to convey? That smokers should be more considerate? That farting is worse than smoking? Definitely one for the WTF?! file.


Most psychologists agree that cultivating an open, informed understanding of sexual issues in your children from a young age, is the best path to a healthy sexual adolescence and adulthood...

...but I think this is pushing it.


"Now Jesus said, 'Behold, the Holy Pogo-Stick!' and lo, the Lord did spring and boing. The Bogans of Nazareth beheld, and they did clutch their paper cups and gasp in amaze. And the mirth of Jesus was great, for the bounciness of God was upon him." ~ Luke 37:21


And finally, this photographer is either not very observant, or has a great sense of humour:

Nuff sed.




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