20 September, 2005

a full moon and a pantheon of stars

Hmm what's happened over the last week? Not all that much...

I had dinner and stayed at patermunkey's on Wednesday night, drank quite a lot of Bundy-&-Dry *alco munkey* and stayed the night there, before heading off bleary-eyed to work the next morning. Then Thursday night was our official weekly West Wing Fling, before a well-earned early night on Friday.

On Sauturday I met with Ms Snazzles and Lady Lili at the monstrosity that is the newly-refurbished Melbourne Central to see Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. What to say about this movie? It had its good points, and it had its serious problems. It was likeable overall, but just didn't quite sit right. There are several things I can point to and say "I didn't like that much" or "I would have done that differently", but ultimately it's something I just can't put my finger on that doesn't quite work, in my not-at-all humble opinion.

After the film, bidding Lili adieu, we headed back to the home of Snazzles and Moodles to generally schloof and watch The Muppets. That night, we headed out to a bar on Johnston St (although Mu would much rather have stayed home and watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) to see a certain HotBoyâ„¢ Ms Snazzles has her eye on. Unfortunately, said boy ended up not being present at the same bar as us, which was rather disappointing. But they were projecting He-Man and the Masters of the Universe onto the wall, so the evening wasn't a total loss *reliving-childhood munkey*.

Sunday was one of those days which seems to be growing more and more common (is it a symptom of getting old?) which are notable for the fact that absolutely nothing noteworthy whatsoever happens. Except that it was a full moon. Ooh and Mr Kyle did a tarot reading for me via msn. That was a novelty. Very interesting.

Last night (which was Monday, for those of us who are calenderically challenged) munkey and the gang (including a recently-rarely-seen Mr Josh) assembled at Hanover Court - the home of Mistress Corrie and Lady Lili - for an evening of wine, curry and madness. We sneered and slandered our way through the Emmys Red Carpet thingy, bitched and booed our way through Australian Idol, then settled in to watch Back To The Future - Part II. Certainly a blast from the past... again with the re-living the 80s theme. Is there some kind of regression cycle in the stars at the moment? Anyway, the highlight for munkey, of course, was Elijah Wood in his goooorgeous first ever film role at the tender age of about 8.

Well,nothing else of note springs to mind, so in the words of that weird bird / hat guy in Labyrinth: "I, er, theeeeenk that's your lot."




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