23 August, 2005

tuesday blues


What is it about Tuesdays? I had a great weekend - including my Monday RDO, hurrah! - and yet today I feel kinda crap. Not tired or sad or sick (or civil as an orange) but just... flat. Empty.

Anyway, Friday night was fantastic, celebrating DrDaveGoo's birthday and meeting his lovely boyfriend Mr Raymond as well as the wonderful Ms Lisa, Ms Jodi and many other of his entourage of friends. We started at the Xchange (another pink venue to tick off the list) before wandering up to the Glasshouse... which left me wondering about Melbourne's young dykes. The Xchange was jumping, rollicking and generally going off, but the Glasshouse was practically empty, drab and kind of depressing, to be honest. Is it just that lesbians generally have other ways of entertaining themselves? Or was I just at the wrong lesbian bar? Are there others which are more hip and happening? Curious. Anyway it was a great, and very drunken night. Happy Birthday, Dave.

And speaking of birthdays (and lesbians), on Saturday I made my way down to the far distant haven of The Gurdies for another birthday bash ~ the 50th birthday celebration of Ms Carmel, mother of Dame Snazzlepops. It was another fun and intoxicated night, where I got to catch up with Snazzy's family again, as well as meeting quite a few new people. I indulged in quite a lot of wine, a spliff or two, and far too much dessert... and apparently snored all night, keeping everyone in the room with me awake. They should have punched me and told me to turn over. I wouldn't have minded.

I went to patermunkey's house on Sunday afternoon, having a lovely roast dinner and staying the night. I ended up spending all of Monday there too, staying home with Ms Cait who unfortunately has a nasty coughy chest-infectiony thingy. To be honest I spent a ridiculous amount of these last two days sleeping, making up for my partying earlier in the weekend. The one useful thing I did on Monday was see my doctor, with whom I have devised a plan to phase out my meds. Yay! *poster-boi-for-mental-health munkey* Well, maybe not quite. But yay for me not being on meds anymore.

And almost as if the chemicals in the brain could hear and understand what I was planning, here I am feeling down today. I just feel kind of dejected and disoriented about a certain boi and a certain trip to a certain foreign country and the certain ramifications that might have on our certain relationship.

Anyway, take care and love to all.

Go Go Lexapro! ...it's been emotional:




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