17 August, 2005

start spreading the news

Well, we all knew my boyfriend was a spontaneous guy.

As I type, Mr Ryan is in a Boeing 747, somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. If all goes according to his hastily-made plans, he will spend the next three weeks gallavanting in the US of A, and won't be returning to Oz until the 11th of September.

The backstory: well, it's complex... It basically involves Rye lending a large sum of money to someone in the past, with no real expectiation that it would ever be repaid. But, completely out of the blue, the loan was repaid. Now, if you know Ryan at all, you can imagine that a sudden infux of cash isn't going to stick around for long. Saving? pah!

Another important point of note in the sequence of events is that Mr Ryan has a life-long dream to visit New York City. Who can really say why, but there it is. Ryan longs to be a wriggly little worm chomping its way through the biggest apple on the planet.

Now, you've probably already put two and two together. So Ryan used this repaid money to buy himself a trip to New York. Correct. 20 points. However, I don't know about you, but even if I found myself in this situation - where a long-yearned-for dream suddenly became a tangibe possibility - I would perhaps book my plane ticket for... oh, let's say... a week's time. At least. Not Mister Ryan Mac. Ryan was repaid the money yesterday morning, walked into a travel agent at about 2pm, and was on a plane at 10.30 this morning.

Of course, as one would expect with such a random, sudden trip, there are still many uncertainties. Rye has someone he can stay with for the first week, but after that, who knows what he's going to do with himself. And of course, all of this is dependent on his actually being allowed into the country in the first place. We all know the US isn't exactly the most open-doors nation, and what with Ryan's chequered past, there's a reasonable chance he'll be put straight on a plane back home... alternatively in a more melodramatic universe, I'm kind of dreading receiving a postcard from sunny Guantanamo Bay. But really, Rye seems to be one of those kitties that always lands on its feet ~ so whatever happens, I'm sure he'll be okay, and back with me before too long.

So anyway, here is munkey, feeling somewhat abandon-ed (*clink*). To be honest I'm in a bit of a state of vague shock. It's all just happened so quickly, and even though it's only three weeks, i must admit my head is kind of spinning and my heart feels a bit foggy right now. But that will pass, and really to be honest I always knew this was on the cards, if the opportunity of a NYC visit ever suddenly arose for him.

So have a great time, Rye. I hope your adventure lives up to the dream that gave it wings.




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