16 August, 2005

tv democracy doesn't work.

Okay... this is going to be a pathetic reality-tv-related post. Forgive me...

I am REALLY REALLY fucking mad that the cunting fucking LOGANS won BigBrother. It seems to happen every year (although I can't speak for last year, as I didn't watch any of it) that the most absolutely fucking TEDIOUS of the final three housemates wins the show ~ and I'm SICK TO FUCKING DEATH OF IT.

But this year in particular, BB (i.e. the producers of the show) have some serious explaining to do. Firstly, it was a completely unfair advantage to have two people working together as one housemate from the very start. And this was emphasised time and time again during the finalé show last night.

Secondly, Logan David - one of the potential winners of BB - was evicted from the show several weeks ago, and has been in the outside world ever since. Now, doesn't it follow that, if you were on the outside but still in the competition, you could quite reasonably spend several thousand dollars voting for YOURSELF, knowing that it would be covered by your winnings at the end of the series. This was completely unfair to Tim, and completely contrary to the supposedly fair-play of the show. David openly admitted in his interview last night that he had been voting for "the Logans" since his eviction. It is clear, in the interests of fairness, that David should have remained in lockdown since his eviction... or at the very least, been banned from voting for himself.

Quite simply, lovers and dreamers, insignificant as it might be in the great grand scheme of the universe, the result of this year's Big Brother was FUNDAMENTALLY UNFAIR.

But really, I should be used to this crap... and with far more important things too. Afterall, didn't John Howard win the last election. And George W. Bush won his first election in even more ridiculously riggged circumstances. I guess I just held out hope that pop-culture would retain some dignity and honesty. What a fool am I.

Well, for what it's worth, I think you're fantastic, Tim. The only housemate who was consistently honest, respectful, entertaining and eloquent... and above all, the only person on BB with a true social conscience.

(With apologies to Ms Jellyfish from whom I stole the above pic, and to lefty Ms Snazzles whom I would never really replace in a million years.)



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