19 August, 2005

when evening falls so hard ... i will lay me down

Well, things are a little more tranquil in MunkeyLand now. I had a chat to Ryan and discussed some of the problems and issues that have been stressing everyone out since his departure. Basically, he's determined to have a good time for three weeks, and deal with it all when he gets back. And above all, he doesn't want me or any of the rest of us back here to worry ourselves about it.

So I guess that's the best I can hope for. We can't turn back the clock and undo what's happened, and he can't now avoid any of the forthcoming circumstances... but at least I know he's okay, and whatever happens, he's confident he can sort it out upon his return. What else can a munkey do?

So I'm breathing deeply, counting to ten and imagining myself floating gently on a calm, blue ocean.

Many thanks must go to the lovely Lady Lili and Mistress Corrie who visited Munkey Towers last night avec vino and cheered my heart with the sharing of pizza and good conversation. Thanks ladies. I drank just the right amount of wine - i.e. not so much that I felt like crap this morning - and had an excellent night's sleep... and I'm feeling quite okay about everything. However things eventuate, I'll be okay.

So here's hoping the calm lasts! I've had enough of freaking-out. Frankly, it's unbecoming and unladylike.


p.s. A very happy birthday to DrDaveGoo!!!




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