15 August, 2005

markets, bars, restaurants, lighthouses and cathedrals

"Give me a call when you wake up," I had told Mr Ryan while watching the death-defying feats of Big Brother's Friday Night Games together over the phone. And, after a long week at work, we both slept till 11am on Saturday morning. After the afore-planned phonecall, we finally dragged ourselves from our respective beds and met up... and who'd a thunk, we set out on yet another Rye's Aimless Drive™. Lo and behold, this time we ended up at the South Melbourne Market. So we had a fun morning/early afternoon wandering among the various stalls, munching sushi and oggling things we couldn't afford to buy.

Later that afternoon I finally met my long-time msn-buddy Mr Timothy. Rye and I arrived in the city prematurely and spent a very dangerous few minutes perusing the $10 CD shop on Swanston St (get along down there y'all) and killing time in ACMI before meeting Tim and his friends Mr Marco and Mr Adam in Fed Square. Thence, we had a great chat & gin session in the chilly breeze outside the Transport Bar. It was fantastic to meet Mr Timothy at last, and I hope it will be the first of many hilarity-filled outings together.

We hurried off from Fed Square to Hanover Court to the abode of Mistress Corredina and Lady Lili, where we also met Madame Mu, Joshu-kun and Dame Snazzlepops. Our merry band then traipsed off to Mao's on Brunswick Street. (Hurrah for Brunswick St). There our conversation - including topics such as pop-culture, world affairs and impromptu golden showers - sparkled in the air among the flirty waiters and $18 spinach (!). After dinner and much wine, we mosied further up the Street of Brunswickiness to the posh surroundings of Polly bar. After a couple more beverages, Rye and I bade our compadrés a semi-early adieu, ahead of an early Sunday start.

The next morning, it was off to Bendigo for munkey and Ryan, to visit the Bendigo Lighthouse crew. The occasion was a birthday celebration for one Ms Katherine, and it was great for Rye to catch up with all the gang (and for me to meet them for the first time) especially the wonderful Ms Michelle and her gorgeous daughter Ms Renee. There was much preparation of food, in which we participated, and we also had a bit of a chance to drive around the lovely town of Bendigo, explore the catherdral, etc etc. As the afternoon wore on, and we were thouroughly stuffed with Michelle's excellent food, I left Rye there to spend the night with his old friends, and made the lonely journey back to Munkey City.

I had barely touched base at home, when it was time to rush off for dinner avec patermunkey, Ms Cait and Electroboy, along with my aunty Ms Sheila, her husband Mr Ian, Grandmas Ashton & Miller, cousin Ms Jodi, her partner Mr Mick and their now-3-month-old bundle-of-joy Mr Max. Sheila and Ian are about to jet-set off to Europe for the first time ever - this will be the first time Ms Shiela has returned to her homeland in England since the 60s - so it's very exciting! Thus, a big munkeyblessing™ upon them for safe travel. I'm sure they'll have a wonderful time amongst the original Yorkshire munkeyclan.

So that was my weekend, lovers and dreamers, and a quite lovely one it was at that. On one final note, I have a personal message for everyone out there who decided to vote Vesna out of the BigBrother house:




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