15 August, 2005

mindlessmunkey's non-sabbath sermon of the week!

***this entry is not suitable for children or hypocrites***

This weekend, I had a frustrating conversation with an "open-minded" right-wing Christian, who after telling me he had no problem with the gay community, then announced homosexuality was a sin, and any church which condoned homosexuals was simply "wrong". Of course, he had no response once I retaliated, other than to say "Read Leviticus!" (although he pronounced it "Leviticans") ~ obviously prefers hiding behind a 2,000 year old book than arguing his own point of view. Further discussions regarding his chosen night-time activities provided an interesting - and dare I say 'predictable' - perspective on the old homophobia/identy thang. So here is my lesson for the week... may it be a comfort to that scared, sad, angry young man ~ and indeed to all of us, in times of need:

And that's fine... Just deal with it!




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