24 August, 2005

happy birthday, river

Believe it or not, the wonderful River Phoenix (1970-1993) would have been 35 today... (well, the 23rd, which it still is in the US). 35! Who would believe it? Imagine what amazing performances we may have seen from him, if only he had lived. *sigh*

"It was as though, cut off in the prime of manhood, he was cheated of that final phase of development which permits a man to harmonize his warring selves. Operating under a curse for the major part of his life, fighting with all his powers to find egress into the clear, open spaces of his being, he is beaten to earth for the last time just when one feels that the clouds were lifting."
~ from Henry Miller's The Time Of The Assassins , River Phoenix's favourite book

Well anyway, happy birthday River.




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