30 July, 2009

once more into the breach

Do people even read blogs anymore? I have no idea. I'm quite sure nobody visits this one these days. But after a year of radio silence, here I am again. Whether this will last, I have no idea. I'll do my best.

Just before I disappeared from the blogosphere, I took a massive leap into a new career path... and then kind of freaked out. Actually, scratch "kind of". I completely freaked out.

I am very pleased to say I've pulled myself together and am still toiling away in the script department of Australia's longest-running serial drama. For a few months I was clinging on by the skin of my fingernails' teeth. But now I am quite comfortable in the world of television storylining; I feel like I know what I'm doing, and the people in charge seem to agree. (For now, touch wood.)

When people ask me what I've been doing for the last year, I usually give a boring account of the day-to-day ins and outs of plotting episodic television. But basically, I get to sit/stand/dance around all day talking and writing about characters and their stories. I am part of a massive machine that makes TV. Copious amounts of TV. The equivalent of a feature film every week, more than forty weeks a year.

And I'm inspired by, learning from and working with an astonishingly talented and hard-working group of people, many of whom I now count among my very dear friends.

Regrets? I had a few... But they didn't last for long. Doing something creative with my life was a long time coming (and required the forceful prodding of my nearest and dearest, SnazzieD in particular). I have no intention of looking back.

There are many more musings tumbling about in my mind - about life in general, stuff going on in the world, and the reasons why I'm back here throwing words at my blog again at all. But if I intend to maintain this with any sort of regularity (and hopefully I do), I'd better save something for next time.