03 July, 2007

excerpts from swan lake, performed at wembley stadium! what a great idea!

So I watched a little bit of the Concert For Diana thing last night.

Can I just say that Prince William "dancing" to rapidly-decomposing rockers Status Quo's
Rockin' All Over The World, along with a hundred thousand fat British bogans, is probably the most awkward thing I've ever seen.

On the plus side, despite his appearance irreversibly drifting to the dark side, he does still have a damn sexy voice and accent, even if he can't give a speech without reading off cue cards. (Since giving speeches is essentially all Royals do, shouldn't they at least be able to speak for thirty seconds without consulting notes? I think so.)

The concert was a nice idea, I guess. Shame they couldn't get any decent acts to perform.



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