21 June, 2007

let's hope he's a good climber


Myself, Byron, Snaz and some others are in the downstairs foyer of a High School. We are not students, but not visitors either. Possibly we are staff members.

Kevin Rudd arrives. He is the new Year 11 English teacher. His first ever class is about to begin; the students are all waiting in a classroom upstairs. Kevin wants to make a memorable entrance that will leave a lasting impression on the kids. He decides to climb the large tree that stands next to the school building, and enter through the upstairs window.

He begins to clamber up the tree, but as he nears the window he falters and falls roughly onto the ground. My friends and I look at each other. This is not an auspicious beginning for a new English teacher!

Will he fall on his arse, or will determination get him to the top in the end?

Dusting himself off, Kevin gets up and tries again. This time he takes hold of a drainpipe which runs up the building, alongside the window. Almost defying gravity, he scrambles effortlessly up the pipe, shuffles along the ledge and steps into the classroom through the window, pleased as punch. The students are suitably impressed.



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