16 May, 2007

miss polly had a dolly

Sick today.

Have spent the day sleeping and traipsing about the house in my purple stripey thermals (which Byron thinks are hilarious. How rude.)

My body is filled almost to bursting with orange juice and water and vitamins and lemon-and-ginger tea.

I am desperately longing to collapse on the couch in front of my DVD of Labyrinth, but alas it was last seen in the possession of the ex. Dammit, why do jailbird ex-boyfriends always flee the country with your best stuff?

I think I shall curl up with a nice worn copy of Lewis Carroll, for a much needed dose of comfort.



Blogger lili said...

oh darling, you should have said! i could have brought you my copy...

May 16, 2007 10:20 pm  

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