06 December, 2006

let's take another look...

Last night, after a very long, but rather successful tech-run of the show, I stumbled home in a taxi tired but happy, only to immediately be disturbed by the absurdly abrasive buzzing of my apartment's intercom. Several moments' confusion and crankiness ensued; I assmued it was one of the druggy acquaintances of Mr Mentally Disturbed who lives across the hall. Finally I opened my window and peered down to the building's doorway - and who should I see there? My friend Mr David with a special delivery: Mr Byron.

Oh my God, my long-distance boyfriend from Sydney was suddenly (and completely unexpectedly) standing outside my flat! Upon hearing of my extremely down-in-the-dumps mood - and desperate need of a hug - yesterday morning, he promptly booked a flight to spend the night with me. How brilliant is that?! How insanely do I love this crazy wonderful man?! There are no words.

So, now that I've vented, rested, generally got over myself, and been thouroughly reminded that I am much-loved, let us re-address some issues...

The musical is going to be great. The show is extremely technically complicated -
of course the first run-through in the theatre, and the tech run, will be drawn-out and arduous affairs. And dammit it's ridiculous to expect a performance to hit its stride properly during stop-start runs. The cast and crew all know what they're doing, and now we're ready to put it all together.

Patermunkey and I have worked out a time to convene at the familial home and do the Christmas Tree thang. The tradition continues (hopefully including the customary groaning at the crackly old Mario Lanza Christmas Carols LP that matermunkey always insited on playing).

I am applying for the job. Who knows whether I'll get it... whatever will be will be, and all that guff.

We will find a house. Oh yes, we will. We have at least another month before I get kicked out of my place, so it's far from panic time yet.

The fires continue to burn. There is a very light rain bank crossing the Highlands right now. It's not much, but hopefully it might help a little - at least to slow them down? I really know very little about how bushfires work. I suppose this is just a wait-and-see / hope-for-the-best situation.

So overall, I'm feeling a lot more on top of everything than I was yesterday. I don't expect things to settle down any time soon... but I know it'll all be okay.

Bring it on etc!



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