05 October, 2005

matters of importance

Okay, I was meant to do this last week, but unfortunately got distracted by other matters.

Last week was BANNED BOOKS WEEK! In her glorious capacity as Something To Do With Youth Literature at the State Library of Victoria (sorry, hun, I can never remember your job title) Lady Lilikens featured banned books on
her blog "Read Alert" all last week. Make sure you check it out to see just how absurd people can get in the fascist censorship of youth literature.

Among the most ridiculous are Where's Wally (or Waldo in the US)... and the DICTIONARY! Yes, some crazy Americans banned the Dictionary, because there are rude words in it! Maybe that's why none of them can spell "favourite" or "aluminium".


Also, Mr Timothy has reminded me that the ABC is currently running a
My Favourite Film survey to find Australia's most loved movie. So make your voice heard, lovers and dreamers: VOTE NOW!

Everyone can vote ten times. I have dutifully registered multiple votes for magnolia, Dancer In The Dark and Cabaret. Please please please don't let something crapola like Titanic find its way to the top of the list. Vote for the goodstuff! You know what I'm talkin bout.


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