04 October, 2005

it's a fine, fine line...

Salaam and good evening! Goodness, life is interesting.

My gmail inbox was rather nasty to me on Friday morning. It attacked me with a brutal email form Mr Ryan Mac, wherein he accused me of some incredibly hurtful things (which, needless to say, I didn't do) and essentially blamed me for the collapse of our relationship. Because the fact that he ran away to Qld then USA without telling me, after taking money from my family, had nothing to do with it. SHEESH! May I here heartily echo Lady Lili's sentiments: BOYS ARE RETARDED!!! *ready-for-a-good-bout-of-single-life munkey*

On Friday night, after drinks with Mme Mu, Snazzles and munkey trundled off to the Nova Cinema - avec one Mr Pete - to see the Melbourne premiere of The Proposition. The film was great (see review, below) but once again The Nova proved itself to be one of Melbourne's worst cinematic venues, as a ridiculously bad technical fuck-up resulted in the entire film having to be started again. The Q & A afterwards was good largely for entertainment value, as the nuff-nuffs of Melbourne all seemed to step forward spouting inane drivel in hope of validation by their favourite celebrites.

The following day, Snazzles and I headed to the home of Ms Cait and patermunkey for my little sister's birthday celebration! I put my fairy-bread-making skills to fine use, and Snazzie and I prepared the games, while my auntie Ms Wendy played chef and patermunkey enjoyed not having to do very much. The guests arrived, and we were all quite startled at how quiet and subdued ten-year-old girls are. We were expecting squealing and chaos, but it was tough to even get them to show much interest in the games. Oh well, they all seemed to have fun, despite the odd tantrum and huff.

After the party, and some recovery time, we headed off to Snazzles' former abode to visit Mr Tim and much belatedly celebrate his birthday. I hadn't seen Tim in months, MONTHS I tellsya... and it was fantastic to catch up. I don't think I have laughed so much in such a short space of time, well... rarely if ever. Tim cooked us a fantastic meal, we listened to "Yodelling the Classics" (don't ask) and generally had a wonderful time.

I caught up with Mr Adrian on Sunday afternoon to celebrate his birthday (okay, I think it's official: there are TOO MANY BIRTHDAYS around this time of year). So we mosied up to Grandma Funks *regular-haunt munkey* for a good old chinwag, a fine lunch, a couple of wines and far too much cake. I think Adrian seemed to like the DVD of Gosford Park that I got him... it should sate his Clive Owen fetsih anyway. Happy Birthday, Mr Adrian!

That afternoon, the Mr Ryan Mac saga continued. Now I don't want to get myself slapped with a big fat suit for slander (or is that libel?) but let's just say new information has come to light which casts Ryan's actions over the past week in a new and vaguely scary light. "I have the envelope. And the award for Most Frightening Personality Reversal of 2005 goes to..." You guessed it. It's really quite bizarre. To think that a month ago, we were practically a married couple. He had lived in my house while I was on holiday. He spent most of his days at my place, while I was at work, coz he worked nights. He had every opportunity to rip me off and treat me badly, and he never did. But now he is officially a Very Bad Man. It makes one wonder. But at any rate, it is out of my hands now. *moving-on munkey*

Finally, in Pop Culture news, I'm afraid I must shock you all and side with Mark Holden on the topic of Sunday Night's Australian Idol. Lee "Tropical Fish Head" Whatsisname is a dead-set fucking disgrace. He and the thousands of shallow, try-hard teens who support him should learn that Punk is a socio-political stance... it means more than just having some piercings and a bad dye-job. To stand up and sing a politically-motivated song simply for its catchiness and teen-pleasing appeal, exemplifies everything that is wrong with the Pop music industry. Shame, shame, shame.

Adios, lovers and dreamers. Snuggles to all (except you. you know who you are. no more munkey-snuggles for you)!

Clockwise: Nick Cave and Guy Pearce at the premiere of The Proposition ; cashola - the root of all evil? ; my ex - the alleged dirty stinking thief ; Lee - Oz Idol 's shallowest strumpet:


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