09 September, 2005

walk a mile in my pants

Ok so this is quite juvenile, but it's also quite fun. It seems to be a craze sweeping the blogging world, and who am I to let a bandwagon pass by un-jumped-on?

So you put your iPod / mp3 player / other media player on Shuffle, and document the first 20 songs that pop up, adding "in my pants". So here goes:

R.E.M. ~ Walk Unafraid In My Pants

Björk ~ Crying In My Pants
Tori Amos ~ Corflake Girl In My Pants
Beck ~ Cold Brains In My Pants
Iron & Wine ~ Such Great Heights In My Pants
Bob Dylan ~ Ballad Of A Thin Man In My Pants
Tom Waits ~ Baby Gonna Leave Me In My Pants
Ben Folds Five ~ Mess In My Pants

Neil Young ~ Old Man In My Pants
M.Ward ~ Story Of An Artist In My Pants
Belle & Sebastian ~ Judy And The Dream Of Horses In My Pants
The Stone Roses ~ Waterfall In My Pants
The Flaming Lips ~ Yoshimi Pattles The Pink Robots In My Pants
Gomez ~ Devil Will Ride In My Pants
Radiohead ~ Talk Show Host In My Pants
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy ~ I See A Darkness In My Pants
Augie March ~ Tulip In My Pants
Led Zeppelin ~ Tangerine In My Pants
Eddie Vedder ~ You've Got To Hide Your Love Away In My Pants
The Doors ~ People Are Strange In My Pants

Descending into complete immaturity for a moment, I gotta say my favourites are "Mess In My Pants" (brings back memories), "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots In My Pants" (hope she doesn't confuse them with the pink anything-else), and "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away In My Pants" (nuff sed).

Sheer Primary School Gold.


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