07 September, 2005

i think my subconscious is very sad

~dream diary~

The munkey family has bought a new house. It is in the bush. I spend some time exploring what will be my "room" - in fact a few rooms in a downstairs section, including my own bathroom and study area. I am very happy with our new living arrangement.

Patermunkey and I wander outside, exploring our very large property. Dad tells me about the plans he and matermunkey have for the garden here: which trees they're going to remove, what trees they're going to plant. It will be beautiful.

Suddenly, just ahead of us, the ground is writhing and squirming. Several snakes and lizards wriggle together among the grass and undergrowth of the forest. Two extremely large brown reptillians are of concern, but I can see that they have legs, so are harmless. But among them are definitely several snakes as well. Patermunkey and I freak out but remain collected, turn and head back in the direction we have come. As we walk away, I feel a vague stinging feeling in my left heel, inside my sneaker. But I think nothing of it and we carefully walk home.

Later, back at our house, I remove my shoe and freeze. There is no blood, but there are two deep, clean puncture marks in the back of my achilles. I have been bitten by a snake - right through my shoe - and didn't even realise it. I have walked around and no doubt spread the poison throughout my body. This is very, very bad.

I can see the terror and grief behind my parents' masks of calm, as they quickly apply first aid and prepare to rush me to hospital. I am so scared. I start sobbing. I don't want to die. My parents are crying too. Patermunkey gets me to a doctor. But is it too late? I become unconscious...

When I come to, I am back at our house. I am alive. There is a small, straight scar in the back of my foot, where the doctor has removed the flesh that came into contact with the snake's fangs. On the side of my calf there is a puncture mark where the anti-venom has been pumped into my leg via a drip. My parents are with me, holding me close and weeping with joy that I am ok.




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