31 August, 2005

oh my ears and whiskers!

An important thing to remember for the future...

When I dream that I'm hanging out with the Breakfasters from 3RRR Radio, and they're all busily chatting away, but I mysteriously can't get a word in edgewise...

What is actually happening is that I'm sleeping through my alarm again, and the Breakfasters from 3RRR are, in fact, blaring from my clock-radio. What this means is that I should have got out of bed some time ago.

This has happened twice now.

This morning, I sprang awake when Fee, Sam and Tony were pondering what the next Sigur Rós album will be called. "Takk " I thought as my eyes burst open, "The album is called Takk !" Then, upon the clock my bleary eyes fell. "Holy crapmunkeys!" said I.

It was 6.47. I start work at 7. It takes me twenty minutes to drive there. I was still in bed. You do the maths.





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