26 August, 2005

did you ever know that you're my hero?

Not too much to report. Had kind of a crappy day yesterday. The "in limbo" feeling is really starting to get to me. It's hard having so many questions and feelings and thoughts about something, yet being completely unable to deal with or work through any of it, because the person who it concerns is on the other side of the world. At the moment, I kind of feel dejected ... like I've been shown I'm not particularly important to the person who is supposed to be my loving partner. Not a nice feeling to have.

In nicer news, I spent a lovely evening with my Snazzles last night, eating pizza, drinking wine, talking to Maria and watching TV/DVDs. Hurrah! On the pizza menu was a fantastic vegetarian potato-and-punkin extravaganza from the divine Crust Gourmet on Church St. On the TV menu was Neighbours (of course!), At The Movies, a bit of Inside Idol (I know it's lame, but Go Millie!), Little Britain, Futurama and my personal favourite Australian TV show of the year: We Can Be Heroes.

So the finalists for Australian Of The Year are child-sponsor Ja'mie, ear-drum-donator Daniel, physicist-cum-performance-artist Ricky and cross-country-roller Pat. Thank Christ jumping-castle-rescuer Phil has been eliminated, although I'm sure there are plenty more cringe-worthy antics from him on the cards. Personally my heart is with Pat to take out the prize, and let's hope to see her back on her feet (or rather, back on her side) before too long!

Anyway, thanks Snazzie for a wonderful evening. It's great to have friends who are so readily willing and able to cheer you up when you're shitty.

L to R: The "cast" (all played brilliantly by Chris Lilley) of We Can Be Heroes ; Matt Lucas and David Williams showcase the bizarre world of the British in Little Britain.


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