06 September, 2005

pleasing and agreeable in nature

Well, not all that much to report I'm afraid. *by-the-numbers munkey*

On Thursday night, Ms Snazzie, Mme Moodles, Lady Lili and myself celebrated the Return Of The Weekly West Wing Fling. So that was nice.

On Saturday I went to the Hill of Clifton again, and indulged in minestrone and Press Gang. So that was nice.

On Saturday evening I went to patermunkey's house to visit with patermunkey, ElectroBoy and Ms Cait. I had dinner and drinkies and stayed the night. So that was nice.

On Sunday, it was Father's Day. Yay for patermunkey! He was forced by his children to stay in bed and endure breakfast-in-bed and presents. That evening we all had dinner with Grandmas Ashton and Miller. So that was - yep, you guessed it - all very nice.

In other news, it's been well over a week since anyone in this country (to my knowledge) has heard from Mr Ryan Mac. Certainly he hasn't contacted me, his Dad or his place of residence. So as I watch the nightly news, and encounter visions of catastrophe, squalor and violence throughout the southern states, I am forced to wonder and worry. No-one knew he was going to Pittsburgh. He never turned up at his friend's place in New Jersey. Who's to say he didn't go for an impromptu trip to New Orleans. Then again, that's just me always entertaining the worst possible possibility. Far more likely is that he's simply hiding from any kind of confrontation and avoiding talking to everybody that he's upset (which is pretty much everybody).

Nice, huh.




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