30 August, 2005

friends of flesh and friends of felt

Another pleasant weekend was had by Mr Munkey, in the face of rising uncertainty.

On Friday night, Ms Snazzles celebrated the arrival from the good folk at Amazon.com of her The Muppet Show - Season 1 DVD! Hurrah. *muppets-are-NOT-just-for-kids munkey* So Snazzie, Mme Moodles, Lady Lili, Mistress Corrie, PlantMan, Ms Carla and myself all settled in with plenty of wine to indulge in the antics of everyone's favourite felt entertainers.

(And a quick shout-out must go to PlantMan for his dazzling appearance during Channel Ten News's weather on Friday. Your botanical charisma put that try-hard Mike Larkin to shame.)

Saturday night was the 21st birthday party of
Ms Andrea. We met at Transport in Fed Square, where I chatted with Andrea's lovley man Mr Phil, and presented her with the necklace I'd bought her from the lovely Koko shop in Brunswick St. She seemed to like it. Then we all headed off on a bit of a wild goose-chase to find somewhere else to kick on. We ended up at Retro Club on Lonsdale St... a very, shall we say, "interesting" crowd. But it was fun to guzzle alcohol, abandon all sense of decorum and dance to trashy 80s music. *no-shame-after-a-few-gin-&-tonics munkey* Anyway, hope you had a great birthday, Andrea!

Despite the amount drunk on Saturday night, I was awake and assembled nice & early on Sunday, in order to venture up to Sassafras with Snazzles and Moodles. There, we indulged in a fantastic brunch at Ripe, wandered the op-shops, scared the shit out of Mu with a big hairy spider-puppet... you know, the usual.

While I'm here, I must also backtrack to last Tuesday. I was going to talk about Ms Cait's school concert once I had some photos to put up, but none have been forthcoming. Anyway the Grade 3/4 production of Robin Hood went off with nary a hitch, and Ms Cait delivered her lines with oomph and panache. Well done, sister. We may have another performer in the family yet.

As one final note, I'd like to say a huge thanks and give a big warm eHug to all the friends, msn buddies etc etc who have had to endure me stressing and ranting over the last week or so. It means a lot.




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