01 September, 2005

the divine miss n.

The other night I had the unmitigated pleasure of dining avec Ryan's friend & (former?) housemate, Ms Nat! If you can imagine the entire Rio De Janero Mardi Gras compacted into one dredlocked, nose-ringed barrel of laughs... you're kind of close to knowing what it's like to hang out with Nat.

The backstory is: I was basically feeling very shitty about my recent lack of Mr Ryan Mac... completely unsure of what was in store, and - in classic munkey style - letting my thoughts tie me up in knots.

Anyway, so I picked Nat up from Lighthouse, and we trundled up to Thy Thy on Victoria Street. She was very taken with the place, particularly its coloured paper lanterns and sparkly lights. The fantastic food for under $10 each was a definite crowd-pleaser too.

Talking with Nat made me realise some things about the whole absent-boyfriend situation, and - long story short - I realised that I just need to chill out. There's nothing I can reasonably do about the situation anyway, until he gets back... so I might as well just do my best to retain my sanity until he returns, and deal with everything then. Now, I realise that this is essentially the same supportive advice I've been getting from everyone recently. But there was something about hearing it from the always-smiling mouth of Ms Nat - and her added perspective of having known Rye for much longer than anyone else I know - that made a penny drop in some way. Beyond knowing that I should be relaxing and not letting it stress me out, suddenly I was relaxed. Suddenly I wasn't despairing anymore.

Further discussion continued at the London Tavern on Lennox Street, where we had a couple of beers (and I was presented with a mandarine - to replace one which apparently Nat had swiped from my kitchen on one of her previous visits). After spending a little while out of the wind, in the virtually deserted beer garden, we headed home.

Anyway, thanks Nat for your company and your always positive perspective. I think (as Mr Chris Mac once said to me) that you can tell a lot about a person by the kind of friends he has. And the fact that Rye has you as such a good friend, reminds me why I want him in my life, why I miss him so much, and why I firmly believe we can work everything out upon his return.




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