09 August, 2005

wallowing in my sickness

Well, it's been another movie-filled weekend, so for all those of you who have yet to take my Movie Madness quizzes, here they are one last time: PART ONE & PART TWO. I thought I'd made them easy, but apparently not. Oops! *obscure-film-snob munkey*

On Friday night I met with Madame Moodles for beer, dinner, chat and Ring Of Fire: The Emile Griffith Story. Emile Griffith was a very famous boxer in the sixties and seventies. In one terrible incident in 1962, he unintentionally beat his opponent - Bennie 'Kid' Paret - into a coma. Paret never regained consciousness and died a short time later. This film was a great documentary about Griffith - a gentle and simple man - and his career... as well as the lead-up to and aftermath of the Paret tragedy.

Saturday was a big clean-up day. Munkey Towers had been spiralling into a state of ever increasing squalor *slob-without-supervision munkey*, and it was time to clean up my act. So with Mr Ryan's help, we worked half the day away until the pad was sparking and fresh once again. That dealt with, we had a trip down to Coles to stock my languishing fridge and cupboards, and settled down on the couch to watch The Ring and The Ring 2. Now, I've not seen the Japanese originals, and I'm not a big horror-movie fan, but I have to say I was impressed. They're well executed and genuinely creepy thrillers which rely more on good story and atmosphere, as opposed to teenagers getting cut to pieces in incrteasingly ridiculous ways, like so many films of the genre these days.

After our DVD fun, we decided to go for one of Ryan's patented Aimless Drives™ and ended up at Beacon Cove, watching the Spirit Of Tasmania prepare for departure. We wandered out onto a jetty thingy and behold, we saw a UFO! No, lovers and dreamers, do not fear... I'm not saying it was an alien spacecraft, and I'm not about to launch into a mind-boggling story of abduction and probing (that stuff's private!). However, it was a flying object which was unidentified by us. Therefore, it was a UFO. Basically it was a very bright light ~ too bright and low for a normal satellite, and definitely not a plane or helicopter. It moved quite quickly across the sky, then changed direction, gradually slowed down to a standstill, then disappeared without a trace. Spooky! Be Alert, not alarmed! Watch the skies, everywhere! Keep looking. Keep watching the skies!

We were up bright and early to meet my poor sick patermunkey, and take Ms Cait off his hands for the morning. We headed off to Collingwood Children's Farm for the Horses' Birthday family day. Unfortunately, there weren't many horses present, and the weather was crapness-maximus, however we still had a good morning of cow-milking, tractor-riding and horse-shoe-decorating amidst the quiet country atmosphere of the Farm... you'd never guess you were in the bustling inner suburbs of Melbourne.

That afternoon, I joined with Ms Snazzles, Lady Lili, Madame Moodles and Joshu-kun to attend our final film of this year's Festival: 3-Iron. From the director of the wonderful Spring, Summer, Autumn, WInter... and Spring, this was a very peculiar but strangely absorbing tale about a young man who goes about squatting in people's houses while they're on holiday, and thoroughly making himself at home ~ and useful. He teams up with a battered wife (and steals her husband's 3-Iron golf-club, from which the film takes its title) and a subtly strange series of events begins to unfold. It's wonderful to see a movie which can convey such a wealth of character-based story and relationship development, with such a minimal use of dialogue. In fact, the protagonist never speaks once in the film. While not quite as moving or meaningful as Spring... it was still a great, and very different film. After the movie, we all trundled off to farewell Ms Jellyfish, who is going overseas for 10 weeks, at the Napier Hotel. A few ales and some fine food later, I took my tired bones home for a well-earned early-night.

Monday was a very relaxed RDO for mindlessmunkey, and that evening - just for something outlandishly different, I went to the movies! Lady Lili had scored a double pass to a preview screening of Millions. It's a great film, directed by Danny Boyle of Trainspotting fame, and while Millions showcases the visual flair seen in his previous work, there are no junkies or dead babies to be seen here. It's a family-friendly joy ~ a tale of two very different young brothers who find themselves in posession of a whole crapload of money, and no idea what to do with it. It's one of those great films that manages to be heart-warming and feel-good without ever descending into the syrup that drowns so many Hollywood family flicks.

Well, adieu until next-time, my dear readers. And remember, as Francois Truffaut said: "Film lovers are sick people."

p.s. Speaking of sick people, I hope you're feeling better soon, patermunkey!


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