09 August, 2005

write like a girl, then throw rocks at boys!

Here are some juicy items fresh from the WWW.

First up, the
GenderGenie which will tell you whether you write like a male or a female. Simply submit a chunk of your writing, and let the GenderGenie tell you wether you're trying to achieve a literary phallus, or expressing your inner labia.

After that, you can take out your gender-related frustrations with
Throw Rocks At Boys ...the most theraputic game on the net!

With thanks to Lady Lili for sending me the GenderGenie and Mr Gareth (no, lovers and dreamers, not THAT Gareth) for the rock-at-boy-throwing game.

Fare y'all well, and take heed of the old Thai Proveb, ladies and gents: "รักฉันต้องรักหมาฉันด้วย"
Translation: "Love me, love my dog."
Which is to say: "If you love me, love me with all my faults."
Right on!


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