06 September, 2006

...and he didn't even know it

Ever wanted to turn a website into abstract post-modern poetry? Of course you have!

Here is the place to do it! Sometimes, it tries to make a poem out of bits of the actual html code, which doesn't really work... but keep trying, and it will combine words and phrases from the site into wonderful wanky wordplay.

And then you can go here to find out what your poet name is. Now you have everything you need to be the perfect post-modern poetician!


The Voice of the Munkey
a poem by Lucius Cornelius Picklesouse

The constructive discussion on earth,
we got to us? Remember
them? and for it
there is rigorously screened in
a lot to win
back and loved
about holding your skin chiselled into
issues.that other ... gender. ...means of 41 dollars.I
guess Me: wrong, with your favorite
The Country. no A
genuinely malicious sexual play
that does a cute Kid... over the identical
but has
ruined her One
story today one so to
teach us this is
conjecture since After hearing
from a chance a
senior spin and workmates no band/Sexual assault.
And for
using that.
children into issues.
The unincluded. Wait... did Again, not
Thus, your text on what all
kinds the characters.SUPERHERO
NAME followed by
mindlessmunkey at
the real world? piss vinegar The carpark. He only
capable of a link
much Ado about this is I
should and the quintessential Universal Donor !
Unfortunately, despite what is
a journey of the
Could we wandered through
all three.
The Guilt Free Three. is it
concerns Bishop Jefferts Schori, was never
likely to the first
coin portraitists insist on some form that Freeway
was listening to Overheat Oli splutters
and saw lots of which I
successfully negotiated absurdly complex public expression...
the Guilt Free Three, months, had a truth universally
acknowledged by a Monarchy.
On So now
heard/to provide a hell are set, it was Random!
I descended back along



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