25 July, 2006

the first time since the last time

You know that scene in a movie when the character is going all freaky-deaky (often due to something slipped into their drink) and the camera wheels around their head, so the person stays centre-frame while the world around them seems to spin and rock and lurch? That's my brain right now. I wouldn't say I feel sick as such - but something is definitely a tad NQR with my head. So of course, lovers and dreamers, it's in this semi-delirious state that I choose to blog after a long absence. Call me Nutty! And possibly Irresponsible!

Now I know you've all been sobbing yourselves to sleep, wondering what's become of me. Well, let me fill you in on where I've been for the last few weeks...

On Phillip Island! Jelly and the Boy Wonder kindly invited the gang along for a Weekend In The Country. We didn't end up going to see these little fellas, but a great time was had nonethless (even by J-the-Seppo, despite being afflicted with a horrid migraine on the second day). Particularly entertaining was the spectacular attraction known as A Maze'n Things. Seriously folks, it looks like tacky kids'-stuff - and well, it pretty much is - but it's FUN. And SCARY. (And it helps if you're STONED, but it's not entirely necessary.) After a turn on the giant vertical slide, a pale and trembling (and not-stoned) Jelly was heard to exclaim, in all seriousness, "If I had been any More Nervous, I would be Dead." Snaz, Lili and Canoe then led the way through the sprawling maze, after quickly learning that munkey's "instincts" invariably led to dead-ends. At night, we braced ourselves against the chilly evenings with booze and DVDs - even managing to hold Jelly down long enough to watch Labyrinth ("that is David Bowie's wang, isn't it") and admit that it's a classic. Vindicated!

Watching Doctor Who and Life On Mars - and their associated hot men! Also watching Shameless and Lord Of The Rings and playing The Sims 2! With all this procrastination-fodder, anyone would think I was writing a PhD or something! (or a musical *ahem*)

In the arms of my beloved! Yes Mr Turtle and Ms Sami ventured forth on a road trip South, which gave me a wonderful five days with my Baby. (awwwwww!) Among other activities while he was here, we visited the TV50 exhibition at ACMI - our grievances: No Esmé Watson. No It's A Knockout. No Georgie Parker. Apart from that, it was great - they have Gus from Mr Squiggle sitting in a glass case. And Dexter from Perfect Match! We also went and visited the meerkats and elephants and butterflies and lions and tigers and bears (as well as turtles and monkeys galore) at the Zoo. Mr Byron was particularly thrilled to see the cassowarries - one of his many not-altogether-healthy obsessions.

Gritting my teeth and waiting around while Oli splutters and vomits boiling water onto the roadside! Yes, my automobile has been very unwell. Mr Byron and I were on our way for dinner with the devine Jude and Mikey, when he decided to Overheat (Oli the car, not Byron the turtle). Then he overheated again. And again. It turns out his water-pump is "a bit of a mess" (in the words of Kev-the-Mechanic). Cue another beg for mercy form the Patermunkey Charity Cash-Lending Service™, as munkey hangs his head in financially irresponsible shame.

So with my now absent-once-again boyfriend, my means of transportation out of action, and my brain feeling a little like it's trying to swim the English Channel while carrying a harpsichord, it could be said that munkey is a bit lost just now. One might even say I'm feeling Disorientated. But of course, Disorientated is not a word, and one would be an idiot for using it.



Blogger lili said...

Have you tried Hare Krishna?

(obligatory Muppet Joke)

I know something that will restore your sanity: indulging in the televisual presence of a Very Hot Man whose name starts with D and ends in avid Tennant.

(dissolves into a puddle on the floor)

July 25, 2006 1:40 pm  
Blogger Byron said...

"...a little like it's trying to swim the English Channel while carrying a harpsichord"
That sounds just like something the man who played the Zither on Mulligrubs would be spending his time doing now...
Oh and I do love a good spot of Delta bashing.
I love you, also.

July 26, 2006 9:24 pm  
Blogger mindlessmunkey said...

Lili ~ The Muppet joke certainly cheered me up, however I'm afraid by the time I got home I was in no state to go out again, even if it did involve David Tennant. Fortunately, I'm feeling much better now. :)

Byron ~ The Zither-Man on Mulligrubs deeply scarred you, didn't he. I suspect he will be mentioned in expensive therapy sessions, in years to come. Or perhaps you will just rant about him louldly when we are both demented and decaying in a nursing-home. Either way, I'll be there for you; and I won't let the disturbing Lady With The Monkey hurt you, either. xo

July 26, 2006 10:44 pm  
Blogger Steph said...

I feel that way all the time, however I'd love a harpsicord.

July 28, 2006 10:41 pm  

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