07 October, 2005

now for something completely irrelevant...

More madness form the WWW:


An experiment in surrealist sculpture? A profound statement about the self-destructive cycle of gun violence? Whatever its intention, I'm liking it:


We've all been consistently horrified and apalled by the TomKat situation...

Well, now rumours are circulating that Katie is up-the-duff with the couple's first child. (A little odd if you ask this munkey, since Tommy-boy is a suspected blank-shooter from way back.) Nonetheless, proving once again that the Irish will gamble on anything, BETTING IS UNDERWAY on this Emerald Isle website, as to what will be the alleged-baby's name. My favourite suggestions are "Science" (currently at 50-1), and "Maverick" & "Iceman" (100-1 & 500-1 respectively).


They've entertained stoned University students for years, they've survived the "Tinky-Winky is gay" rumours and shaken off the claims that their nonsense language (Eh-oh!) hampers linguistic development in toddlers... but will this be the scandal that brings Teletubby Land to its knees?

Yes, the US recently completed a huge cocaine bust, only to discover that every packet of happy-powder was inexplicably decorated with a picture of the always dancing, regularly hallucinating Teletubbies. It seems that anthropomorphic appliance Noo-Loo has been hoovering up more than just discarded Tubby-Tustard.


Finally, when all the world seems a labyrinth of chaos, there are no answers to your questions, and you don't know where to turn...

From the wonderful world of engrish.com, this is a real picture of a teeshirt on sale in Tokyo.




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