07 October, 2005

neighbours, dragons and night-flowering lotuses

Howdy doody.

First up, this is VERY IMPORTANT: All Ramsay Street watchers out there must go to the
Neighbours website and follow the link to the SURVEY at the bottom of the screen. This is an official survey by the makers of the show, which will help point the residents of Erinsborough in the right direction for the future. While it is technically YOUR opinion you're supposed to be expressing, let me give you some well-intentioned guidance... When it asks what character type is missing from the show, be sure to please mindlessmunkey by typing in "OPENLY HOMOSEXUAL YOUNG MALE". You could even go the extra mile and add the word "HOT". Also, be sure to let the good people at Grundy know how fucking annoying David Bishop is.

so now then...

Yesterday was the birthday of Madame Moodles! Hurrah!

Coincidentally, it was also the Book Launch of Carole Wilkinson's new book for young readers: Garden Of The Purple Dragon. If you haven't read/heard of Dragonkeeper, go out and find yourself a copy RIGHT NOW. It has won a veritable swag of awards, and is very very good. Garden of the Purple Dragon is its brand new sequel, which I've not read yet, but have no doubt it will be similarly terrific. So anyway, the Alliance of Munkey-Friends all headed to Readings in Carlton for free wine and to celebrate the launch. I finally bought my own copy of both books (I had only borrowed Mu's previously *moocher munkey*) and got them signed by Carole. Hopefully Ms Cait will like them, as she's developing into such a great reader.

Afterwards, we trundled a couple of doors down to Tiamo 2 for dinner to celebrate Mu's birthday. It was a fine evening of good food and merriment, to help our dear friend edge inevitably closer to 30. (Sorry luvvie, but I'm so insecure about my own ageing, I have to take advantage of the opportunity to rub it in for anyone unfortunate enough to be Even Older. Hope you understand.)

Well, have a good weekend one and all! You shall hear from me soon.


L to R: Carole Wilkinson's multi award winning Dragonkeeper ; and its no-doubt brilliant sequel Garden of the Purple Dragon.


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