15 September, 2005

is it just me, or is the word "random" really overused?

Here are a few "random" titbits of no substance...


This is a French anti-AIDS/pro-Safe-Sex ad. Maybe I'm just really depraved, but it doesn't really instill the fear of STDs in me. In fact, I find the sight of that guy fucking a giant scorpion... kind of hot. Is that really wrong?


Now to things I don't find hot at all. So this is how Howard is keeping Costello placated while he hangs doggedly onto the leadership...


In the realm of Year-7-calibre comedy...

Imagine the spectacle on street corners when the light changes to green!


And finally, Tolkien always told us Frodo Baggins was an only child, but now we know better:

It turns out that The Strokes' lead guitarist Nick Valensi is Baggins's long lost brother. Whodathunk?




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