15 September, 2005

the leagues of the righteous gather their might

I'm sure my beloved readers all remember my previous foray into the world of SUPERHEROICS.

Well it is now my pleasure to formally introduce you to one of my strongest allies in the fight against injustice, chaos and the forces of evil. Behold...


Of course, I would sooner die than reveal the secret identity of this fearless crusader. But I will say that his fame is growing by the day. Following on from an extremely crowd-pleasing fifteen seconds of fame on Channel Ten news
last fortnight, he has gone on to be quoted in both the Fetid Scum and New Scientist... which in turn has led to a tsunami of PlantMan quotes across the good ole WWW. Type in the name of his (humble Botanic Gardens curator) secret identity, along with the scientific name of a certain reeking orchid, and you will find a good TWENTY PlantMan articles, including translations into French, German and Czeck!

Our power and fame grows, lovers and dreamers, and will continue to gather strength. The oppressors are quaking in their boots.




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