27 January, 2005

so slowly, indeed...

Another lovely evening was spent with Mr Daniel on Sunday night, this time at his house. Hurrah for pizza, smoochies and Futurama (only two series to go, Danny-boy!). Things remain undefined, unofficial and unhurried ...so mindlessmunkey is doing his best not to get carried away and over-analyse the whole goshdarn situation. Not an easy task for me with my Taurus sun and Cancer rising, not to mention my long-ingrained habit of pulling everything to pieces with my mind, only to find it doesn't fit back together afterwards ...but I'm doing my best. *trying-not-to-fuck-up-something-good munkey*

As a result of the Daniel-related festivities, I missed the triumphant return of patermunkey and Ms Cait, but let me here bestow a big "welcome home" upon them. I managed to keep all the pets alive, and not burn down the house while they were away, so that's a pretty damn fine effort on my part, I think. And judging by the volume of patermunkey's rendition of Bob Dylan's Just Like A Woman after "flying" home from my aunt's house on Monday evening, he was glad to be home and in very high spirits, so to speak.

Tuesday night it was off to see Falling So Slowly, a play being performed as part of the Midsumma Festival. Alas, Mr Grundy is cracking the whip mighty hard the last couple of weeks, so poor Ms Snazzles wasn't able to make it, leaving just myself and Mr Kenny to take on the event. After walking down a sweltering Toorak Road (fueled by Slurpees from 7-Eleven), Mr Kenny impressed and intimidated by ordering food in Cantonese, leaving munkey a little unsure of what exactly he'd gotten himself in for. However the cuisine was wonderful: krispy pork, bbq pork, bean-curd, scallops... Yay! Then it was the very hot walk back to St Martin's Theatre. The play was good... nothing absolutely remarkable about the script I suppose ~ kind of your standard character-based relationship drama, apart from the fact that it was a queer romance rather than a str8 one ~ but it was very solid and not-too-sprawling. The production really did the playwright justice, with multi-layered, charismatic performances and lively direction, not to mention a very attractive (and often naked) cast, to satisfy the aesthetic/shallow side of certain audience members *voyeur munkey*. Special mention must go to Christopher Pender as Bobbie, who really should be seen naked in public more often, for the general good of all human-kind.

Australia Day saw the munkeymobile trundling off to Hanover Court for a traditional BBQ, including ultra-Aussie Japanese noodles. hmmm. Well they were delicious, despite the potential cultural clash. There were also burgers, BBQ chicken, salad and beer, so we didn't forsake our national culinary expectations altogether. And of course in the grand Aussie tradition of "mateship" *puke*, there was the wonderful company of Ms Lili, Mistress Corredina, Ms Snazzles (sadly briefly), Madame Mu, Mr Duncan and Ms Sophie. And yes, mindlessmunkey smoked two cigarettes. *bad bad BAD munkey*

So now for another day at work, before the frivolity and foolishness of my life commences once again. Hurrah! Enjoy the heat, lovers and dreamers, coz I won't.




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