14 January, 2005

who needs freud when you have dr snazzlepops?

Well my beloved Ms Snazzles has delved into her sublime knowledge of the subconscious (based largely on personal experience I may add) and come up with this remarkably apt interpretation of my mental wanderings. Enjoy!


Dr Snazzlepops' dream interpretation:

The Nazi represents Prince Harry (who, you might recall, has got himself into a bit of bother recently after being photographed wearing a swastika at a drunken costume party). Since Harry is a public figure who represents the universal human conflict (both internal and external) between authority/discipline/repression (the monarchy) and youthfulness/hedonism/pleasure-seeking (normal adolescence), I am not at all surprised that he figures in your subconscious.

Somehow the attractive young Prince H (in his undeniably aesthetically pleasing Nazi uniform) has also become associated in your mind with a desire to repeatedly explore underground tunnels and lick faces. This sounds like it falls into the hedonism/pleasure-seeking category(and I'm not at all sure I blame you).

The dog's bad breath and your uncertainty about the geography of your home city probably stem from an abject discomfort with your very natural attraction to Harry. These symbols represent your tendency to self-censure any hedonistic urges and err towards the side of restraint and responsibility. Are you afraid, MindlessMunkey, that if you were to give in to your party-boy instincts, someone might take a photo of you and splash it all over the papers?

The doll with the 'kitsch' fashion sense (a clear symbol of childhood wearing attire from the decade of your youth) only serves to reiterate the fact that your dream is all about 'growing up' and sorting out the conflict between 'id' and 'super ego', or (if you will) 'Ernie' and'Bert'.

It was a marvellous dream, if you don't mind me saying so. Quite fitting, really, that your paternal authority figure should approach you after this dream and offer you an object that perfectly represents the delights of youth and recreation – the humble ice-cream.Pleasure-seeking ain't always such a bad thing, Munkey-boy…


Since I hadn't heard the news snippet about the (undenaibly appealing) Prince H's escapades when I had the dream, I was clearly tapping into a collective unconscious type deal here... quite exciting!

And thank you Ms Snazzles for your encouragement of my pleasure-seeking... however I usually end up hanging around, waiting for the pleasure to come to me! Maybe that's my problem... *questioning own motives munkey*




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