13 January, 2005

paging dr freud!

~dream diary~

After the 35 degree day and three days in a row of pretending to work, I fell asleep on my bed as soon as I got home this evening. Woke up from a very strange dream... most of which, as usual, has disappeared from my head.

The parts I do remember are driving into an underground tunnel (twice), arguing with my cousin Ms Nicole about the whereabouts of a certain Melbourne suburb, tracking down and hiding from a Nazi War Criminal, being at a house-party playing with an extremely kitsch 80s doll dressed in purple, and getting licked in the face by a large St Bernard with a huge tongue & bad breath. How the narrative tied all these elements together, I really can't fathom.

Any suggestions?

p.s. after I woke up, my Dad bought me an icecream when he went to the shops. awww!




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