12 January, 2005

neighbours, nachos & necks

Hello again, avid readers.

As I tapped away on msn on Monday night, socialising via 1s and 0s as I like to do, an urgent cry issued forth from the family room, as the final strains of The Simpsons theme faded. "It's starting! It's starting!" It was, of course, my wonderful sister Ms Cait, who has been lamenting the lack of Stingray's antics and Izzy's bitchiness ever since Lou's Place collapsed in flames late last year. Yes, dear friends, Neighbours is back. So will Stuart be blind forever? Just whose was that body they discovered in the ashes? Who lit the damn thing anyway? And has the music really got more cheesy since last year? Well thanks to the abundantly brilliant Ms Snazzles and her spectacularly ascending career as a TV writer, I have a few hints to some of these questions. Although who knows... she can be a deceiving wench when she wants to be. Anyways, I heartily hope we are all donning our soapie hats for the nightly unfolding of Erinsborough Events! lol

Speaking of the divine Ms D, I spent a most enjoyable evening with Snazzles and Madam Mu last night. After the relaxing cool of my air-conned work-place, I braved the sweltering heat and made the drive to Abbotsford, where after a hefty injection of English muffins and Futurama, the three of us headed off to the Corner Hotel. There we plied ourselves with drinks and food (very good nachos at the Corner... not stingy with the cheese like that nasssty Hideout. right, ladies?) and ~ after a quick dash for pain killers to subdue the pain monster in Snazzie's head ~ we settled down for an evening with The Necks.

For those of you who may not know, The Necks are a wonderful Australian band, comprising piano, bass and drums. Their style would probably most loosely be described as free jazz, but that is too much of a neat pigeon-hole for what they do. Each of their sets is completely improvised, beginning with a focussed silence as the three musicians relax and await inspiration. The music begins with the barest minimalism, and builds almost imperceptibly over the next half an hour into a dynamic, exhilarating roar as these three virtuosos pour their heart and souls into their art... thouroughly absorbed in their own instrument, and yet so intensely aware of each other that they play as one. As the set approaches the 1 hour mark, the sound diminishes once again, until they end together on a delicate note, as if they had rehearsed for hours, not just evoked this masterpiece from the ether on the spot.

I am looking forward to their next Melbourne gig at the Town Hall... where instead of piano, they will be using the huge old pipe organ. it will surely be an experience to behold!
Well, I'll leave you with that, kids. Love to all.

p.s. Everyone has to send Mr. Scott in Queensland a big get-well hug to help him get over his glandular fever. Luv ya Scottie.




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