23 January, 2005

a dip into the unconscious ...with a messiah

~dream diary~

So there was a public pool within walking distance of my house, that I had never known about before. So I joined! It was an outdoor arrangement, with an Olympic size pool open to the air, the lockers, change-rooms, showers etc inside a small building, and a smaller, shallower pool under cover of a large verandah.

I arrived in the late afternoon, and it took me AGES to get organised... two separate people showed me around, and explained the rules (the first a tall thin man, the second a large woman) before they would even give me a locker. By the time I was ready and allowed to go in the water, night had fallen and the place was illuminated by hanging lamps. A large crowd had gathered around the shallowest end of the smaller, undercover pool. The large lady who was very strictly showing me around, suddenly began to sound eerily like a Cult disciple / recruitment-officer, and announced that I was very lucky because He was here today.

She explained in reverent tones how He was an incredibly wise and gifted prophet, healer, etc etc and that I would have to begin coming regularly to receive the benefits of his presence. I was my usual openly disrespectful and rebellious self (which only comes to the fore in dreams, unfortunately) and dismissed this as a load of wank. I gently pushed my way through the masses and found myself on the edge of the pool, where He was holding counsel from the water.
He was a boy of about 12 or 13, Indian or South Asian. there was indeed a faint glow of golden light around him, and he was not so much standing ON the surface of the pool, but just below it, so his feet were submerged, but the rest of him stood up out of the water like a tree. He wasn't saying or doing anything, just staring with great concentration up towards the lamps which hung around the pool. But the people around me were watching and listening to him reverently, as if he were delivering a profound sermon.

None of this swayed my unimpressed-ness, and I simply marched into the pool and began swimming past Him. I was half expecting the cult-members to leap in, drag me from the water and beat me senseless, but when I felt a body approach me, it was Him. He was no longer glowing, but had a huge smile on his face, and was swimming and splashing like any other teengae kid. I was overwhelmed by how relieved and relaxed he suddenly seemed, as if he had been waiting for this all his life, and we proceeded to swim and muck around in the water together like carefree children. I'm not sure what became of the people at the edge of the pool... they had ceased to matter, to either of us.




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