18 January, 2005

dick smith's minions vs. manga misogyny

Now where were we? ahh yes...

Sunday morning saw a trip to the good people at Dick Smith Powerhouse, for the exchange of the FM radio attachment of Electroboy's mp3 player. Perhaps they got confused when they saw me, and thought the dark-haired man in black-glasses had stepped out of their logo to ask for assistance... or perhaps it was the "I could FREAK OUT and destroy the world with my bare hands!" atmosphere that clings to Electroboy whenever busted electronics are nearby... but the staff were remarkably helpful, removed the offending appliance and replaced it on the spot, complete with renewed warranty. Ain't it grand when a retail experience actually goes according to plan?

So, sparkling new music-machine in hand, Electroboy was deposited back at Electrohouse, while Ms Cait was taken off my hands by Ms Hannah, where she will spend a doubtless fun-filled few days at the Hannah Estate ~ truly a kids' wonderland: trampoline, tennis court, tree house, swimming pool, video-games galore, etc etc. ~ before she too heads to the coast to join patermunkey on his camping/fishing/golfing/drinking adventure. Which leaves me alone in the house in charge of the dog, the cat, the lizard (I kid you not) and Ms Cait's poor miserable Sims, whose needs I have promised to fulfil before their creator's return... no simple task, regardless of the unlimited-money cheat!

Sunday evening was spent with Mr Rocky, expanding my education in the realm of animé. And guess what? It's true: The Matrix works much better in the short, animated format of Animatrix. No apalling expositionary dialogue! No tedious, repetitive action sequences that lead no-where and have no bearing on the plot! No faux-philosophical diatribes followed by nauseatingly pat "meaningful" statements! and best of all... No Keanu Reeves! We also watched X, a visually spectacular apocalyptic vision. My only criticisms: I would have liked to be shown some greater details about the minor characters among the two groups of Dragons, and it would have been nice to see a little more internal conflict within Kamui, in deciding which force to allign himself with. However I imagine these are things which would have been fleshed-out in the long-running series of comics or animé (which I've not seen) as opposed to this condensed feature film version.

Also, one final thought... why must it always be the big-busted women who get stripped naked and ripped to shreds? Why no burly boys in-the-buff and getting bloodied-up?
I shall leave you with that thought: to ponder the curiously inherent misogyny in Japan's most internationally enjoyed art-form, and lament the lack of manga-boy raunch.

so why can you see a female android getting her buxoum boobies exposed and torn to pieces in the mainstream Animatrix ...and yet this fine young man can only be found on a restricted yaoi porn site? please explain.


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