15 January, 2005

events of varying fortunateness

I have learned many things in the past 48 hours. Here are three of them: Africans are always late. Making-out at a train station at night is a double-edged sword. Being honest with your paternal figure (and giving him the $300 you owe him) is a good way to smoothe family relations.

I spent my Friday (well the pm, which is the only part that matters on a day-off) with the Kool Kat from Kenya, Mr Rocky. As usual when someone leaves me in charge of proceedings, we visited all my regular haunts *predictable munkey*: Hairy Canary (that waiter would be sooo cute without his fuck-ugly lip-ring), St Jerome's (dodge the bird-crap if you're sitting outside!), and Gin Palace (you gotta take the rude service with the funky decor/music). We also popped into Allans so I could buy some guitar strings ~ yes, I've been playing with more passion than precision as usual, and snapped my G-String... dontchya hate that? Ran into Ms Carla there as I was pretending to have enough money to even look at the Steinways (greetings from Ms Carla to Madame Mu, btw) and fortunately she took pity on my poverty and let me tinker.

Mr Rocky accompanied me to dinner with Snazzles, Mu, Mr Tim, Ms Gemma and Mr Matt, where we (Re)treated ourselves to fries, dips, dim-sum, risotto, scallop salad, etc etc and of course wine, wine & wine. After walking Mr Rocky back to the station and getting caught up in the rain (among other things ...ahem *blushing munkey*) I enjoyed a quick game of Scene-It (film-buffs everywhere take note: this is a must-play, but ignore the Buzz cards. They're not as funny as they want to be) with Snazzles, Tim & Ms Penelope... before braving the long drive back to munkey-land.

In other news, paternalmunkey trundled off camping today, leaving me to play Daddy to Ms Cait and Electroboy all by myself. How grown up of me! *mature munkey* But don't be too shocked, dear readers, I'm not taking this parenting nonsense to heart. I'm cementing my role as the Cool Big Brother who takes the kids to the movies, buys them popcorn, handles problems with mp3 players, dishes out sensible but light-hearted discipline when necessary... but looks the other way if there's anything serious to be dealt with (e.g. puke, diarrhoea, etc etc... I held the chuck-bucket on long-drives for years, and changed nappies at 15... no more sibling-bodily-functions for me, thank you).

So off we went avec Ms Snazzles, Ms Lili, Mr Joe and Ms Kat to see Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events. My disclaimer is that I have only read one of the books, but apart from a few moments of misjudged over-the-topness by Mr Carrey, I really enjoyed it. May do an in-depth review at some point, so won't say anymore now.

Well, that will have to hold the masses at bay for now... tune in next time to find out just how mindlessmunkey and the adventure of electroboy's busted mp3 player pans out.




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