11 January, 2005

up, up and away!

Greetings! and welcome to the first edition of my blog.

Where to begin? ...Today I decided to begin a blog. *pointing-out-the-obvious munkey*

Last night was extremely hot, and I had trouble sleeping. *tired munkey* Perhaps that was also partly because I had slept in till 11.30 yesterday morning. I think my body-clock is still recovering from the pounding I gave it on the weekend. I stayed up till 6am on Saturday night/Sunday morning ~ after watching DVDs with Mr Daniel J till the wee small hours ~ and loaded up on caffiene to ensure i would make the drive safely home.

I have had a technological revolution today. Apart from beginning this here record of my doings and thinkings, I also changed over my email account to the wonderful gmail, as introduced to me by my darling Ms Snazzles, and I also upgraded my msn to the new Beta 7 version (whatever the fuck that means). Alas, my cute little custom emoticons have all been left behind on verion 6.2, so I will need to go back and remake them. *grumpy munkey*

~dream diary~
Despite the small amount of sleep I was able to grasp last night, I do remember one small dream segment. I returned to work at Coles; not that I was starting a job there again, I think I was just there to visit someone, or join a celebration. The upstairs staff area had been completely renovated and was looking quite swanky, and there was quite a feast laid out. Not sure what the occasion was, but it was certainly much better fare than the usual Coles afternoon tea. There were fine cheeses and sandwitch meats laid out with wonderful breads and dips and all that sort of yummy finger food. The only people present were Brenna (a girl who indeed used to work with me at Coles, and was quite a psychopath to boot) and a certain Mr Nick Verso. What the Hell he was doing there I have no idea... but in the dream my only surprise was that he was back at Coles, as I thought he had resigned several months ago. Wish I could remember more, as I'm sure all the psychologically important material has been filtered from my memory. Ah well it makes a change from my recent slew of dreams where I totally crack the sads and scream at someone (usually my Dad).

Well that was a somewhat inauspicious beginning to my career as a blogger, but I promise news will be noted here as it comes to hand.

Keep tuning in kids: same munkey-time, same munkey-station.


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