20 July, 2007

have you seen this man?

I mean, it's great that the Liberal Party is starting to show signs of implosion and all, and I'm sure Kev thinks he's doing the right thing by hanging around in the background. However it'd be nice to see him stand up in opposition to some of the more appalling things Howard & Co have been up to of late. You know - being the Leader of the Opposition and all. But I guess that's too much to ask.



Anonymous Reth10 said...

Could not agree more, munkey, could not agree more.

July 20, 2007 12:26 pm  
Blogger Saturday Night Fiver said...

Too true.

July 22, 2007 8:09 pm  
Blogger audrey said...

Did you photoshop that? Genius.

July 25, 2007 2:34 pm  
Blogger mindlessmunkey said...

reth10 & s.n.f ~ Never fear - Rudd's come out today and announced a war on junk food advertising! Wow, he's a brave politician!

Audrey ~ Haha yes, I photoshopped it using this as a template. I'm glad you liked it

July 31, 2007 9:49 am  

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