24 October, 2005

o my love, o it was a funny little thing

Well, there's a bright golden haze on the meadow, there's a song (or three) in my heart, and the day is looking shiny and warm. What could be better? I guess we can only wait and see...

First up, let me issue a huge congratulations to Cousin Prue and her hubby Mr Stu on the birth of their first child: a healthy 8 pound baby boy named Cameron William. Hurrah for the mega-fertile munkey-clan! I think that's actually the last of the current crop of munkey-babies. Mind you, three in less than six months is pretty good going, so I think it's only fair that all the ladies in my family rest their wombs for a bit.

On Friday night, I trundled over to Elwood to visit the new abode of
Mr Daniel J. I also met his pet snake Trouza for the first time. And no, that's not a dirty euphemism. Mr Dan actually owns a pet baby python. And he has named it Trouza. Despite my recent nightmares regarding snakes, Trouza is an extremely friendly, lovable creature, who seemed quite content to slither and slink around my arms and be ticked under its chin. Later we wandered up to Dan's local - The Elsternwick - where we enjoyed a few beers and some fine food. Dan had fun flirting with the Irish bar manager, partly to aid him in getting a part-time job behind the bar, and partly because the guy was very cute and had a hot accent. Nuff sed.

Saturday eve was the celebration of The 25th Birthday of
Mistress Corrie! Three cheers for that. The whole gang all headed off to a lovely little Japanese place on Gertrude Street (which I have completely forgotten the name of, but oh well). There Lady Lilikens and I indulged in quite a lot of sake and, by the grace of Corrie's mum Jenny, we all feasted on sushi and other Japanese finger foods. As the night turned to the early morning, we mosied down to Yeltzer, which I've never been to before but is a great bar. Ahh Melbourne, my beloved home city, it's those hidden gems that make you what you are. Huge birthday hugs to the Mistress, and here's cheers to many fun-and-fabulousness-filled years to come.

The last day of Munkey's Busy Weekend saw me and Oli driving out to my old stomping-ground for the welcoming home of Aunty Sheila and Mr Ian. Yes, lovers and dreamers, after 10 weeks gallavanting about in the UK and Europe, they are home sweet home. Grandma Ashton was there, as were patermunker, Ms Cait and ElectroBoy. Cousin Mark and Ms Annie with their rapidly-growing and absolutely gorgeous bundle of joy Mr Jett also dropped in. It's lovely to have Sheila and Ian home... they are kind of the hub in the wheel of my extended family, so without them here, people tend to drift apart a bit.

After a too-short catch up with my kinfolk, I headed off to watch/listen to
Mr Adrian perform as part of the Melbourne Rainbow Band, along with the Melbourne Gay & Lesbian Chorus. It was a great concert, entitled "Movie Magic" and (as the name would suggest) featured an assortment of music from the movies. A few of the selections left me a bit cold (anyone who knows me will testify that Grease and Abba don't exactly rate among my favourites). But my minor anti-gay-cliché pickiness aside, it was a very entertaining night. I also had an unexpected treat, as I ran into Mr Eduardo and Mr Marcus in the crowd... two friends I haven't seen in ages.

So that was my very full weekend. But wait... what is that glorious light just beyond the horizon? Perhaps that is the glow of the future. The dark tangle of the past is far behind me. The things that matter have made the journey with me. And there is much to look forward to. Onwaaaard!




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