18 October, 2005

careful the tale you tell - that is the spell

Everybody's favourite expert in youth literature, Lady Lilikens has alerted us to the existence of a particularly frightening piece of propaganda. It really defies description or fanfare. Suffice to say:

Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed!

..In which the attempt by two all-american (read: white middle-class) boys to run a Lemonade Stand, is thwarted by pesky Left Wingers. Curse them!

But fear not, lovers and dreamers. There is kiddie-oriented mind-warping from the other side of the bar as well:

No, George, No!

...In which President George takes a nap on the Oval Office couch, and dreams of a childhood encounter with a moral fairy who does her best to teach George what it means to be a decent human being.

Okay, so I kind of agree with the sentiments of the second example. But still I must utter a more-than-slightly-alarmed: What the bejesus is the world coming to?

Are even our children's minds up for grabs, in this brave new world we have wrought?




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