18 October, 2005

kids with cups

Speaking of children and propagantist print-media, what's been with the Herald Sun the last two days? Here are their front pages from yesterday and today:

Did you spot the similarity? (It's not too hard, even for your average Herald Sun reader.) Two completely unrelated stories. Two completely unrelated headlines. And two completely unrelated, arbitrarily inserted pictures of Kids With Cups! I guess they're just thinking: Everybody loves kids. Everybody loves winning. Let's put the two together in a giant non-news photo EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY! (And - to be even more cynical - lets make sure one of them has cancer and the other is an Aboriginal, just to make everyone go: Awwww. Aborigines and kids with cancer can be WINNERS! Now I won't ask difficult questions about the Conservatives systematically flushing our world down the toilet!)

Rock on.




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