20 October, 2005

how about them transparent dangling carrots?

I realise I haven't done a proper newsy blog for quite a while now. And guess what: I'm still not going to.

However I would like to take a moment to express my vast gratitude to a great number of people who have been there for me in varying, important ways over the last week or so.
Disclaimer: this is off the top of my head. It's in no real order, and I will forget people. Try to understand the state of my brain right now, and don't be offended.

Ms Snazzles
For understanding so well, it's almost frightening. For always being there with empathy and affection. For everything.

For always loving, worrying and supporting, without ever prying or interfering.

My Gals (Mme Mu, Lady Lili, Mistres Corrie)
For being a never-ending font of understanding, friendship and all-round cheery-uppy-ness.

Ms Leanne
For being a friendly face at the Daily Grind.

Mr Ray
For being wonderful company when I really needed it (and for getting me hooked on 2 animé series which I will NEVER be able to see the rest of. GRRR!)

Mr Dave
My oft-taken-for-granted but much-loved unpaid lunch-hour shrink.

Mr David
A constant voice of wisdom and wit.

Mr Davey
Never fails to bring a smile to my face. We've known each other through so much, yet never met. Strange.

Mr Gareth P
Another put-upon listener (reader?) with unerring compassion and good advice.

Mr Drew
A bitching-partner with a dry cynical twist, and perception beyond his years. Happy Anniversary!

Mr A-Man
After all this time, and so much water under the bridge... simply a great soul.

Mr Chris
Another endlessly supportive online venting-point.

Mr Kyle
And yet another. A problem shared is a problem halved. or so they say.

magnolia is still the best film ever made.

Devendra Banhart
Just the right blend of absurdity and melancholy. So me right now.

All the folk at The West Wing
A beacon in a world of tired, dumbed-down pop culture.

and finally, to be shamelessly tacky:

YOU, lovers and dreamers
Yes, dear readers, you. I've never kept a journal of any kind before, and writing in this blog (quite frankly, regardless of whether anyone reads it or not) has been incredibly fun and often remarkably theraputic. Thanks to everyone who wanders by, leaves their mark on my guestbook, writes a kind comment, etc.

So, in the immortal words of Alanis:
yeah yeah, ahh ohhh, ahhh ho oh, ahhh ho ohhhhhh, yeaahhhh yeahh




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