14 February, 2005

the tragedy of valentine's day

munkey doesn't feel like writing much today.

I just wanted to point something out to all those of us (yes I include myself in the sorry band) who got caught up in the Hallmark-sponsored pseudo-romanticism of St Valentine's Day ~ and especially those like poor munkey, for whom it ended in tears for both people concerned.

There are three recorded Saints known as Valentine. All three led highly religious (presumably solitary) lives, had nothing to do with the promotion of romantic love, and died alone ~ brutally martyred for their beliefs. Think about that while you're snuggling up to your sweetheart tonight.

So here's cheers for us, the broken-hearted. Drink up to eternal happiness for beautiful boys in faraway lands, the end of all weeping, and the hope that it might all work out, someday.


And while we're on the subject of till-death-us-do-part: a big sad requiescat in pace to matermunkey, who finally found rest by the side of her loved ones, five months ago this day. I love you, Mum.




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