08 February, 2005

small apartments in a small world

The storms last Wednesday which gave all of munkey-city such a lashing, also left my abode without a phone-line. Thus, no internet. Thus, no blog. And Telstra, loveable assholes that they are, found it "impractical" to reconnect it until Monday afternoon. *unimpressed munkey* Will patermunkey be reimbursed for our four phone-less days, come our next bill? I sincerely doubt it.

Well, lovers and dreamers, the hunt has begun. Yes, you read correctly, mindlessmunkey is looking for a new place to shack-up. My search has been centered in the lively, grubby bohemia that is Richmond. East of the City. North of the River. Yet pleasantly close to the freeway which would take me to work every morning, and for visits to the family I will be leaving behind.

The first such potential-abode was inspected on Friday. While very small (as one would expect from a cheap, one bedroom apartment), it is in a great location and quite nice. Very bright, in a pleasant street and containing enough space for the necessities, it could have been a goer. However as this was the first place I had investigated, and thus had no yardstick by which to measure, I decided to hunt a little more before deciding.

A quick check of trusty realestate.com.au on Monday morning revealed that a previous flat which munkey had had his eye on, but which had been taken off the market, was now back ON the market. Post haste, I contacted the (slightly clueless) agent and organised an inspection. Well it is lovely. Just opposite a charming park and yet close to Swan and Church streets, it is an extremely well maintained building surrounded by trees and bushes. Inside, the bedroom, ensuite and robe are much the same size as the flat inspected last week, but the living area is almost twice as large, including built-in shelving and a huge window which looks out at a mass of green foliage. Throw in electric heating and air-con, and this is the house for munkey. An application has been entered! I trust all my readers have the appropriate appendages crossed, and are wishing me luck. I promise to invite you all up for a drink if your good energy helps me get accepted (five-at-a-time... it's not that big!).

In other news, I spent a lovely lunch and afternoon with Mr Adrian on Saturday. The "holy crap it's an absurdly small world" revelation came when we suddenly realised we have been emailing for several months, while all the time working in the same street! *gobsmacked munkey* Add this to the pile of bizarre co-incidences: Madame Mu noticing munkey in his yr 12 school musical long before our paths would cross again; munkey and Ms Snazzles running slap-bang into Mr Ben Hopper on the main street of Galway and realising Mr Ben was good friends with Ms Snazzles's first boyfriend from Sixth Grade, etc etc. It's a bizarre, tiny world we live in.

A trip to Hanover Court last night for a most pleasant BBQ and a viewing of Desperate Housewives Ep 2 (yes it's trash, but such DAMN good trash!) rounds out my news for the week. Filled with meaty goodness and glowing with a spark of hope for a bold new inner-suburbs life (not to mention a pang of longing for a far-distant beautiful boy) I lay me down to sleep.




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