11 February, 2005

movin movin movin... keep that munkey movin

I got the apartment! I got the apartment! I got the apartment!

Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

I move in on the 5th of March. The bond is large. I don't care. I will live in Richmond! I will live opposite a park! I will live a couple of blocks from the River! And the Great Britain Hotel! I will have an air conditioner! And an oven! And three windows! *over-excited munkey* The other excellent news that goes hand in hand with this, is that it opens the door for Scott to wing in from Brisbane and visit me. Munkey is literally counting the days (28).

In order to finance this unprecedented step into adult life, I am now working full time. Which means working on FRIDAYS for the first time in over two years. Holy crapmunkeys it's awful! Dragging myself out of bed and into the office FIVE days a week feels like torture. Who the hell invented this system anyway? I wasn't consulted.

So I am determined that this will be an event of momentous magnitude in the continuing saga of my existence. The dawning of a new era; an era of strecthing my little munkey tail to swing from the highest branch of this tree they call the world, and tasting all the rich fruits that hang from its boughs. There is just too much goodness to let it go untampered with. tee hee. Who's up for joining me on my quest to make the most out of life?




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