01 February, 2005

no offense, but I have to get this off my little munkey chest...

Okay ladies and empty-husks-of-humans-with-penises-attached *ever-so-slightly-bitter-munkey*, I have a couple of questions for y'all...

Why would a supposedly sane, supposedly not-evil human being go to the effort of signing into a dating website, specifying they are looking for a committed relationship, meet someone who they supposedly really like, spend tender moments canoodling with that person, then decide they don't actually want a relationship at all... which they were supposedly looking for in the first place?!?!?!

Why is mindlessmunkey (a supposedly rather intelligent specimen of his species) irresistably drawn to the kind of person described in Question 1?!?!?! *foolish-heart-munkey*
Please submit any suggestions as to these two phenomena to the Comments box. Thanking you sincerely, mm.

How unusual... a man pretending to be a chicken. Usually it's the other way round...


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